Thursday, September 8, 2016

Forty-five days ago the Soberanes Fire ignited dry grass in the Soberanes Wilderness east of Hwy 1 and took hold of our community. Quickly it spread up the ridges and through Garrapata and Palo Colorado Canyons. Our place is located in Upper Green Ridge, at 1,800 feet. Thick brush covers the landscape. Our cabins stand at the edge of 10 acres and our deck provides breathtaking views of the rolling landscape and sunsets over the Pacific Ocean in the distance.

We figure our place burned to the ground within the first 36-48 hours. Now over a month has passed and all the confusion, shock and disbelief has turned to hope and determination. I know rebuilding will be a long and arduous journey. But one thing I know for sure is our community, the good folks that live in Big Sur, are a determined bunch. 

This blog is a place where I can ramble a bit and keep my friends and those interested in stories about the people who survived and their process of recovery from one of the worst fires in California history.