Big Sur Vineyards joins the Rhone Rangers!

Winemaking might seem to be all romance and fun, especially when there’s a great background story to pair with the wine you’re drinking. But with the focus on experience in today’s competitive wine tasting marketplace, discerning and enthusiast customers alike are looking to create their own stories around their love of wine. From the label to the tasting room to the social media feed, every aspect of a winery’s brand sets the stage for those stories. Big Sur Vineyards owner Lenora Carey, a former documentary filmmaker, has extensive experience as a storyteller, and is using her own unique style to develop and market her brand. 

Before becoming a winemaker, Lenora’s career took her from the depths of the ocean to the deserts of Ethiopia, creating films that were seen on the BBC, National Geographic and even 20/20. It was this work that first introduced her to the southern Rhone Valley in France where she fell in love with the iconic wines produced there. So when it came time to focus on developing her brand and stepping up Big Sur Vineyards’ social medial presence, she naturally turned to the medium of video to tell her story and keep fans up to date with the goings on during this, her 6th harvest. Her clips have ranged from walks through the vineyards with her winemaker, learning the finer points of detecting ripeness in the grapes, to more comical mishaps while transferring grapes from the vineyard to the winery in a rented UHaul.

Wanting to tell more of her story also led Lenora to reestablish her focus on Rhone varietals and the lush, delicious wines they produce. A team field trip to neighboring wine country Paso Robles centered on how other producers are approaching not only the Rhone style, but also the diversity in the many grape varieties. As it comes time to replant and rebuild on the Big Sur Ranch, you can be sure that some more esoteric varieties will be cultivated. Seeing a larger community of winemakers dedicated to this particular style of wine inspired Lenora to join the Rhone Rangers, an organization focused on promoting American Rhone Varietal wines and providing resources to the people who make and enjoy them. The membership coincided with two new additions to the lineup this year, Big Sur White, a mouthwatering blend of Viognier and Grenache blanc, and a special bottling of 100% Grenache.

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